Board Game Table 


“Saorsa” means freedom, salvation and liberty in Scots Gaelic. We do hope you find the table provides all of those things but we'd be lying if we said we chose it for any other reason than we think it's a nice word.

If you would like to order your own Saorsa and discuss customisation options, please get in touch using the form at the bottom of this page.

The Saorsa has 5 leaves that can be removed


The Saorsa is designed to last. We hope that generations of tabletop gamers will get use out of each one. This is partly due to our aim of providing well designed, long lasting products, but also because we care about sustainability and the environment. The whole table is made from ethically sourced timber that has been FSC approved (that means the forest from which the timber came is managed responsibly and sustainably). The only man made material in the design is the playing surface, which has FSC approved plywood (layered sheets of wood) covered in neoprene. Even our finish is sourced with environmental protection in mind. We use an oil which is non-toxic and naturally occurring wax.


One of the major reasons for embarking on this project was to make dual purpose board game tables

more affordable, so when it came to delivery we decided we wanted there to be no hidden costs at

the end of the process. That's why delivery of The Saorsa is free to every home on the UK mainland.


The Saorsa has simplicity and quality at its heart. It has been designed to give the maximum functionality, style and craftmanship while still maintaining an affordable price.

The Saorsa has a dining surface of 110x108cm. There are five leaves that can all be removed or left on one at a time as the game requires. The leaves have a rubber seal between them to protect the playing surface from spillages while the table is being used as a dining table.

The Saorsa body and leaves are made from solid beech sourced from a local sustainable timber yard. The playing surface is neoprene to protect cards from damage.

leaves fixed.jpg

The arm rests are deliberately wide at 10cm wide to make for comfortable leanin' and thinkin'. 

The Saorsa - board game setup

The neoprene game playing surface sits 6cm down from the underside of the leaves allowing for enough room to let your game sit safe, snug and unmoved while the table is used for other purposes. 

The Saorsa - dice rolling

The dining surface sits 76cm from the floor, though the height can be changed at special request.

dining2 fixed.jpg

The whole table is finished by hand first with premium oil then waxed with a beeswax carnauba mix. Once finished, the feel and touch of the table is so magnificently tactile it'll make you want to eat your dinner from it, which, incidentally, you can!

The Saorsa detail - wood
The Saorsa detail - finishing


Diagram - The Saorsa (top view)
Diagram - The Saorsa (side view)