Board Kits was started in 2019 with the aim of making good quality affordable tabletop gaming accessories and equipment. We are two friends with a workshop in Stoneyburn, West Lothian.

Two years ago, we wanted to construct our own board game table for personal use. To get a few ideas we had a look online. Amongst the endless 'make your own' designs we found a few professional sites offering pre-made flat-pack options. We were astonished at how expensive they were. Being trained furniture makers we decided to investigate this and realised pretty quickly that it could be done for a far more reasonable price without compromising on quality or game enjoyment. In between working and studying, we've spent the last two years designing and making The Saorsa. Throughout the design and building process we constantly tried to reduce the cost while maintaining the quality. We have done that by including a few ingenious design ideas and excluding unnecessary extras. We've also designed a number of other products that we haven't got around to making yet, including a DM screen and a dice tower. 


Matt Bell


Strength [+2]

Dexterity [+0]

Constitution [+4]

Intelligence [+2]

Wisdom [+1]

Charisma [+5]

Born in the large settlement of Edinburgh, the young Matthew grew up playing with the other urchins under the shadow of the great and mysterious castle. Once every year, the town would host a great celebration of arts and it was here he fell in love with creation and design. Later on, he travelled to a nearby city to study the noble and ancient craft of Furniture Design. Moving into the world with his new companion, they started on a journey to building furniture for the ages.

Oliver Robinson


Strength [+1]

Dexterity [+3]

Constitution [+0]

Intelligence [+1]

Wisdom [+3]

Charisma [+1]

Born in the Lowlands of Scotland, Oliver grew up in a cottage surrounded by woodland. Throughout his younger years he would often wander the countryside around his family home. It was here he fell in love with the natural world. In his spare time, he tinkered in the family garage with wood offcuts creating truly awful, but well loved, furniture. It was for the best then that he decided to pursue proper training later in his life. Three years later he had gained recognition of his skills in Furniture Craftsmanship & Design. Now seeking to create something great, he has decided to commit himself to building a company with sustainability, affordability and great design as its cornerstones.

The Saorsa board game table