Handcrafted, quality, affordable


Board Kits was founded on the belief that board game tables and accessories should be made with the utmost care and attention while not breaking the bank. Our first offering, The Saorsa, is designed to encompass all the essentials the average tabletop gamer or card player needs while still fitting into spaces common in the UK. Every Saorsa comes with the leaves that turn it into a dining table, so it can comfortably take the place of any table currently in your home. Each table is carefully handmade in Scotland by us, two friends with a love of board games and furniture. 


We know that board game tables are beautiful, but definitely luxury, items. To help make it a purchase for life we've priced the table at the same price as a regular dining table of similar size and quality. That way it can be just a smart purchase that allows you to combine your favourite hobby and every day tasks while saving space and looking excellent.

The Saorsa - dice rolling on the table


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